Broadleaf Firewood

Broadleaf Firewoods have been supplying high quality seasoned firewood coppiced and processed from Markshall Estate for over 25 years.
Our hardwood logs are made up of ash, beech, field maple, oak, lime, birch, and sycamore. Everything is suitable for both open fires and woodburning stoves.
All logs are fully naturally seasoned in purpose built covered barns with slatted sides and are cross stacked as billets which allows a natural circulating air flow, drying the firewood to a moisture content of no more than 20%. There is no additional fuel used as is with a kiln dried method. Billets are then cut to standard lengths of 9 & 12 inches at time of delivery (although we can accommodate longer lengths if required, please contact us).
Logs are supplied in truckloads of approximately a loose 1m³.

£80.00 per load
Large bags of kindling £5.00 per bag

Delivered free up to 10 miles
10 - 15 miles add £5.00 per load (please see delivery map for reference)
PLEASE NOTE deliveries over 15 miles are not available.

We also offer a stacking service for £5.00 per load (this is subject to distance to the stacking area from your drive or access point).

To order please contact:
Gavin – 07972 720261 or 01787 473381
Ken - 07919 778116 or 01787 476539

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